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The BuildMine Story

BuildMine can track its roots to a family furniture factory and it’s owner, Mark Erwin. Over a decade ago he had a vision to provide his interior design customers with a tool that would help them within their industry. What he ended up creating was a solution that enabled him to control his entire production and design process.

As the internet exploded and technology advanced, the original tool he developed years ago would serve as the foundation for what was to come. Mark hired a team of developers and used the latest technology to develop BuildMine, a simple, flexible configurator for any bespoke product.

The mission of helping customers and manufacturers come together has never changed, and our dedication to providing the finest user and client experience is unwavering.

Our Mission

At BuildMine, our goal is to bring customers and manufacturers together. We use the power of technology to make building products easier than ever, with a client experience that is unmatched.