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Our Manufacturer Friendly Process:

BuildMine allows manufacturers to showcase their items and their variations in a simple to use interface. BuildMine allows customers to explore your various product possibilities while ensuring they will only build what you can make.

Dynamically updated images, pricing and specifications provide instant feedback for the user to quickly configure their unique item. Our easy setup process is broken down to the left and below using a rubber duck as an example.

The BuildMine team will help you at every step to ensure the success of your online Builder.

How-it-Works-Page_09Plan: Determine the products and design options you would like to present to customers with your Builder.


How-it-Works-Page_15Make: Manufacture the products and photograph them, or you may use existing images and now you can use 3D models with Picario.


How-it-Works-Page_17Prepare: Edit your images to take advantage of the BuildMine interface. We offer built-in integration to Picario 2d and 3d or Adobe Scene 7 if your products require fabric rendering


How-it-Works-Page_19Load: Load your images and business logic into the BuildMine Dashboard. Establish pricing and specifications such as dimensions and weight.


How-it-Works-Page_19Launch: Place the link to your Builder on your site or give it to your distributors.